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Dentistry that focuses on the health of the entire body is the future of dentistry. Your patients want it now! This program is the BEST way to make that change happen quickly and effectively.


Total Care Academy Fast Track is the ultimate resource for learning how to transition to or build a health-based dental practice…you’ll learn to:


We’ll show you how to seamlessly incorporate health-based procedures into your practice. We’ll demonstrate, step-by-step, how to perform the clinical procedures—plus how to educate your patients and incorporate these practices as part of your practice culture.


Attend live, member-only webinars once a month with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen (as well as select outside experts who actually know what they’re talking about). We’ll make sure that you and your team’s clinical, administrative, marketing and patient presentation skills are at the top of the profession.


You’ll have full access, through our members area, to select training modules, as well as all previously recorded training sessions. You’ll get marketing examples, financial cheat sheets, training guides and more. You’ll get to fast-track the process, skip the learning curve, and finally transition into the practice you and your patients have been waiting for.


Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with other smart, successful health-based dentists. With multiple doctors from different parts of the country you’re sure to find a community that “gets you.”

“I am really enjoying the training videos in Total Care Academy. I am so excited about the next course!
I am so glad I found such a great mentor and your videos are clear and short. My team loves it!”
Dr. Ivonne Castro, DDS
Total Care Academy Member
“Dr. Jorgensen has a broad grasp of the spectrum of wholistic living and natural health care. Friends and family that I have referred to her have received exemplary care and I consider her a true artist of her profession.”
Dr. Kory Branham
Referring Doctor to Dr. Jorgensen
“Total Care Academy is so helpful and the checklists provided are amazing and worth 10x more than the investment.”
Dr. Jeffrey Yelle, DDS
Total Care Academy Member
“Dr. Jorgensen is on the 'cutting edge' of what is vitally needed in the dental profession. She has helped me with my own dental issues, as well as the dozens of patients I’ve referred to her over the last few years.”
Dr. Steven Elmore
Referring Doctor to Dr. Jorgensen

Learn to Build and Grow a Health-Based Dental and Overall Wellness Practice with Total Care Academy Fast Track.

Who is Total Care Academy Fast Track for?


The Dentist

There aren’t many profitable niches left in dentistry, and none that have patients seeking out providers far and wide—except Health-Based Dentistry. Let us help you be that doctor patients are looking for.


The Office Manager

There’s nothing harder than trying to manage an existing office while the doctor is throwing new ideas at you. Let us help you introduce, train and get your doctor’s projects off the ground!


The Rest of the Team

Growing a practice is team effort and requires every team member to be on board. Let us help you get everyone else in your practice on the same page, and speaking the same language.

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Total Care Academy Fast Track



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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Total Care Academy Fast Track officially start?

It already has! You will gain access to the course, live video calls, a private membership area, and much more the day you purchase. There will be even more released monthly.

How does the billing work for Total Care Academy Fast Track?

When you first sign up you will be charged $179. This will unlock the training modules and will also cover the first month’s membership fee. You will be billed $179 on the first of each month thereafter for your continued membership fee.

When will the live training sessions be held for Total Care Academy Fast Track?

The live training sessions will be held once a month. These sessions will be a held with a Live Zoom call, and you will be notified a few weeks in advance.

The first week we will introduce the topic and materials, and the third week will be a live questions and answer period where you can share your experience, ask any questions, and receive feedback from the Total Care Dental team and other doctors.

What if I can’t attend the live training sessions?

All training calls will be recorded and will be available in the members area within 48 hours. With an active membership you will have full access to all training calls, downloads, checklists, and other materials 24/7.

Additionally, you will have access to all past calls and resources in the Total Care Academy Fast Track members area.

What exactly is included in Total Care Academy Fast Track?

Total Care Academy Fast Track will be a monthly mentorship and training platform. This training is divided into monthly modules. Each month you will get two live training calls that discuss a specific topic (all which will be recorded and available within 24 hours).

You will also get downloadable resources in the members’ area that go along with the topics covered. These resources will include internal documents for your team, checklists, protocols, as well as marketing materials to be used to incorporate into your practice.

What topics will be covered?

The topics will include everything from Safe Mercury Removal to PRF and other surgical techniques.

Other topics will include New Patient Diagnostics, how to market to the Health-Based New Patient, and How to Charge for Your Services.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

There is no contract, and your membership is month-to-month. Your cancellation can be done at any time before the 15th of the month in order to be effective for the next month. To cancel simply contact us directly by email or phone.

Additionally, you can try out Total Care Academy Fast Track risk-free for 30 days. If after 30 days you don’t think it’s a good fit, simply let us know and we will cancel your membership, plus refund your initial month’s membership fee.

How do I get started with Total Care Academy Fast Track?

Simply click Here, and you will be taken to an order form page. Enter your payment information, and hit submit.

You will be immediately charged the initial $179 fee to cover your first month’s membership. You will automatically be enrolled into the Membership and will be sent an email with your login credentials for the membership site.

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