The Only Online Doctor And Team Training Event For Biologic / Health-Based Dentistry

April 29-May 1, 2020 | On-Demand and LIVE Zoom Webinars

What is Total Care Academy Online?

Dentistry is changing. Consumers are demanding a healthier, all-natural, health-based approach to dental care. Many dentists I’ve spoken with want to begin offering Biologic/Health-Based dental services but they don’t know where to start. Total Care Academy Online is an Live-streamed doctor AND team training event that will show you how to TRANSFORM your practice and get proven results IMMEDIATELY (and skip the trial & error)  in your practice but don’t know where to start—then this course if for you. 

If you want to improve your health-based practice or  want to learn how to incorporate Biologic/Health-Based dental services in your practice, then Total Care Online is YOUR event.






Training Sessions

It’s Like Six Events in One

Topics Covered:

Big Ideas: What is Health-Based Dentistry

Perfect to train your team members so they have a better handle on what Health-Based Dentistry is (and what it isn’t)

Team Member’s Role and Responsibilities

What is required of each team member -- from the front desk to the doctor.

The Health-Based New Patient Intake Exam

Health-based dental exams are nothing like your typical dental visit. Learn how you can make this efficient, profitable, and seamlessly incorporate this into your practice.

Safe Mercury Removal

We will show you EXACTLY how to remove mercury safely -- including what equipment is needed to make your office safer for patients and your team members.

Biomimetic Restorations

Like anything in dentistry, technique is everything! We’ll demonstrate how to perform biomimetic restorations without going through the trial and error process most will experience.

Health-Based Dental Surgery

We’ll guide you through blood draws, PRF instructions, and give you all the steps and checklists you need so you can incorporate this in your practice immediately.

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What to Expect

Actionable Training

Total Care Academy Online is 2 full days of actionable, proven training sessions from our team that has been in your shoes and have turned our “drill & fill” family dental office into a thriving health-based practice.

There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of the training sessions. Everything you will learn at Total Care Academy Online is tested, proven tactics to improve patient care, increase profits, and grow your health-based dental practice.

You’ll walk out of the Live-streamed event on Day 2 with checklists, templates, procedure manuals and notes full of actionable growth strategies that you can apply the second you get back to your practice

A Blueprint For Success​

It’s one thing to want to incorporate health-based dental procedures in your practice and it’s another to follow through and actually do it.

That’s why allow ALL of your team members to attend, so you’ll have a clear blueprint of the next steps you need to take start getting IMMEDIATE results when you open your dental practice doors again.

Everyone from your scheduling coordinator, to your clinical assistants will learn what they need to do to take your practice to the next level.


With 15 offices attending, you’ll meet other health-based dental practitioners who are (or have been) in your shoes, who have faced the same problems you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with other smart, successful health-based dentists and their teams in your own Zoom Rooms. With multiple doctors from different parts of the country you’re sure to find a community that “gets you.

Your Registration to Total Care Academy Online Includes:

  • All forms needed for a Health-Based New Patient Exam
  • Marketing templates and samples that you can “Swipe & Deploy” in your own practice
  • Consent & financial forms for health-based dental procedures
  • Product and equipment guide – you’ll get a list of the EXACT products that we use in our practice and where you can purchase them from

Register Today

Doctor: $395

Team Member: $95

Presenters & Topics

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Health-Based Training and Performing a New Patient Exam

Dr. Chase Larsen

Mercury Removal / Biomimetic Restorations

Dr. Robert Ferrell

Health-Based Surgery / PRF

Amber Smith

Scheduling Your New Patient Exam

Aly Ray

How to Present a Treatment Plan


Wed/Thurs April 29,30, 2020

On Demand Webinar available both days

4 hours video – view in Modules by Topic

  • What is Health-Based Dentistry? (1 hour – all team)
  • Intro to the New Patient Exam (1 hour – all team)
  • Safe Mercury Removal Basics, Instructions and Equipment (1 hour – all team)
  • New Patient Exam (1 hour – Doctor and Care Coordinator)
  • Phone sheet, New patient phone call, systems, paperwork, finances (1 hour – Administrative team)
  • New Patient Exam (1 hour – Hygienists)
  • New Patient Exam (1 hour-Clinical Assistants)

Friday, May 1, 2020 8-3 pm MST

8 am – 12 pm- together and in Zoom Rooms

  • Live mercury removal – setup, takedown, assisting, procedures(Doctor and Assistants)
  • Restorative diagnosis, supplements, treatment planning (Care Coordinator)
  • Phone, answering questions, dental codes, fees  (Administrative team)
  • Diagnosing restorative, hygiene diagnosis (hygienists)

1 pm – 3 pm – together and in Zoom Rooms

  • Live surgery + PRF – setup, takedown, blood draws, handling PRF, IVs, Assisting(Doctor and Assistant)
  • Diagnosing and fees for surgery (Care Coordinator)
  • Marketing health-based dental procedures(Administrative team)
  • Treating perio tthe whole-body focused way, prescribing supplements (hygienists)






Training Sessions

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Team Member: $95

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