The World's 1st Health-Based Practice Transformation Program For The Entire Office

Biological dentistry that focuses on the health of the entire body is the future of dentistry.
Your patients want it now! And this course is the best way to make that change happen quickly and effectively. Exclusively from Dr. Jorgensen, DDS.

“Fast Track” to a Health Based Dental Practice Program Membership:

Become a member to get exclusive access to the best up-to-date information on holistic dentistry... and take advantage of practice calls with Dr. Michelle, video walkthroughs, and marketing examples to implement these things FAST and get your patients interested!


Your Next Leap in Practice Growth Will Be Generated and Sustained by using Total Care Academy Fast Track to make getting new patients a breeze and retaining patients automatic. The raving reviews  and referrals from new patients alone will generate the same amount of New Patients we have here at Total Care Dental… 100 New Patients per month!

Here's What You Get in The Program:

Fast-Track Learning​

Your practice growth is in good hands with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen and her team. Through years of in-the-trenches experience, they will help you take the fast track to building a health-based dental practice. Hands-on support for you and your team.

Total Care Academy Course

You'll gain immediate access to Michelle Jorgensen’s Total Care Academy, the only Total Team training program for Health-Based Dental practices. There's nothing else like it on the planet and you'll get access when you claim your membership today.

Team Training System

The best practices are run by a well-trained team. Learn how to attract, train, teach, and motivate the best team in your area.

Members-Only Community

Join Michelle Jorgensen, DDS, TNC, CNAS, CTN for exclusive members-only webinar training and members-only community with marketing, management and clinical pearls shared amongst these industry leaders.

New Patient Marketing Strategies

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen has grown a practice from one doctor to five doctors in a little less than 3 years time. She has also doubled her office space and team. See and get her best ideas, examples and templates, ready to 'copy and paste' in your own practice today.

Weekly Email Update

Keep your team motivated with a weekly email directly from Michelle Jorgensen, the leading health-based dental practice coach.

New Patient "Yes" Tools

Claim access to new patient “YES” tools, including Michelle Jorgensen’s unique sales presentation templates, office tour and explanation of how she helps patients say yes to the care that will help them regain their health.

Monthly Coaching Call

Join Michelle Jorgensen, DDS, TNC, CNAS, CTN each month for a live coaching call where she will answer your questions, help direct your next health-based service or new patient campaign and send valuable resources to members in the program.

Monthly Support

As a member in Dr. Jorgensen’s Fast-Track to a Health Based Practice Training Program, you'll receive monthly support and accountability for tracking the key growth indicators, so you and your team know if you’re on track, and can grow with confidence.

What they are saying about us:

I am really enjoying your training and I just finished my team meeting training and we are ready to start implementing it. I am so excited about the next course.
I am so glad I had find such a great mentor! My team love it!
Dr. Ivonne Castro
Total Care Academy is so helpful and the checklists provided are amazing and worth 10x more than the investment.
Dr. Jeffrey Yelle, DDS
Dr. Jorgensen is on the “cutting edge” of what is vitally needed in the dental profession. She has helped me with my own dental issues, as well as the dozens of patients I’ve referred to her over the last few years.”
Dr. Steven Elmore
Dr. Jorgensen has a broad grasp of the spectrum of wholistic living and natural health care. Friends and family that I have referred to her have received exemplary care and I consider her a true artist of her profession.
Dr. Kory Branham
Join us on a Fast Track Journey to healthier and happier patients and a fast growing and succesful practice! 


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Your Patients and Practice will thank you!